When Old Meets New: The Hybrid Super 8

Posted on 02 Maret 2017

When Old Meets New: The Hybrid Super 8

The iconic Kodak Super 8 is getting a digital upgrade. First released in 1965, it became a significant development in amateur filmmaking. The new Super 8 camera has been dubbed as a hybrid due to the digital upgrade yet still retain much of the old school look and feel. 

As you may already know, Super 8 shoots 8mm film. The modern addition will give a more convenient shooting process. First, there’s a flip out LCD display that provides a live view image to help frame your shot. The camera comes with a manual focus Ricoh 6mm F1.2 prime lens but the C-mount is compatible with a huge number of lenses. There are inputs and outputs on the back for audio and a mini HDMI port for adding an external monitor. There is also an SD card slot to record audio. Like the old Super 8, cartridges must be sent to Kodak for development. 

The price that comes with this camera is pretty hefty. So unless you’re serious about filmmaking, it might hurt your pocket. The Indonesian price and release date is yet to be confirmed, but sources said the limited edition will cost around USD 2,000. Check out the video below. 

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