Nokia 3310 Revival

Posted on 30 Maret 2017

The legendary, resilient Nokia 3310’s lives on despite of being out of production for more than a decade. This year however, Nokia has revived the legendary phone known for its durability, battery longevity, and the classic game Snake. HMD, the Finnish startup that secured a 10-year deal to create phones under the Nokia brand first unveiled the updated version of 3310 at the World Mobile Congress and it was one of the big hits and the most anticipated. The phone will be released select countries late February.

New video footage released by Concept Creator revealed the updated version looks noticeably similar to the predecessor, yet with a polished look. In the midst of smart-phones war, the release of Nokia 3310 is a breath of fresh air. Check out the comparison video of the original versus the new 3310 below. 

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