The Story of Gazelle

Posted on 22 Mei 2017

Adidas Gazelle is a shoe that started off as sport shoe. It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shoe ever produced by Adidas. Gazelle was the first Adidas shoe to be made by suede because in the 60’s, training shoes were made out of leather. The shoe became an instant hit because suede is much lighter and suppler, while still maintaining a good level of protection for the foot. More than just a sport shoe, Gazelle managed to infiltrate influential figures from different subcultures.

Originally, the colour of the shoes has their significance. Gazelle Blue was made for training with kangaroo upper, padded ankle, arch support, foot-form tongue and micro-grip sole. Gazelle red was created with handball in mind. Gazelle became one of the most popular model by the 70’s. At this point, Adidas experimented with different outsoles and updated features. By 1968, the Gazelle replaced the shoehorn heeltab with new lined micro-cell sole and developed a white heel tab that became the source of the reissue that was later known as Gazelle OG.

Adidas Gazelle was particularly popular amongst young Brits in the early 1980s. The shoe have infiltrated various subcultures and worn by prominent figures. Today, the Gazelle sees no sign of dying down, being one of the most coveted style from Adidas.

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