Music, Dance and Talk, from Sarinah to Istana Negara

Posted on 08 Maret 2017

Music, Dance and Talk, from Sarinah to Istana Negara

Approximately a thousand marchers departed from Sarinah to Istana Negara last Saturday on the 4th, carrying signs that channeled their beliefs, frustration and causes. The scent of unity and geniality were strong in the air, the atmosphere was joyful. There were music, dance, and empowering speeches.

The inaugural edition of Jakarta Women’s March became the most talked about topic over the weekend. The march received a lot of attention on social media, both support and critics, especially after a certain party pointed out that the march was merely following the bandwagon of the USA Women’s March that took place in January.

Let it be joining the bandwagon or waiting for the right momentum, Women’s right is a cause that should be fought for. Indonesia is undeniably patriarchal and it is acceptable for women to feel suffocated for having to accept and behave a certain way due to societal pressure. There seems to be a textbook definition of a women that disregards how both femininity and masculinity are a part of it, while every elements of womanhood should have been celebrated.

Although more and more people have adopted the belief in gender equality, many women have still yet to receive equal treatments in both workplace and public places. Women’s March was a great opportunity for everyone who believes in gender equality and protecting women’s rights to express their feelings through freedom of speech.

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