Biometric Scan To Replace Passport At Australian Airports

Posted on 16 Februari 2017

The Futuristic Way To Enter Australian Soil is Coming Sooner Than You Know

In effort towards Australia’s goal of automating air traveller processing, a futuristic overhaul is planned to be implemented by 2020. Under the new system, the SmartGates that scans passport electronically will be replaced by biometric technology, allowing travellers to walk out of airports without having to show their travel documents.
The Australian government have allocated around $94 to be spent for the next five years to develop the Seamless Traveller project. In a 2015 statement the immigration department said: “Biometric capability will reduce manual processes, allowing a fast, seamless self-processing experience for up to 90% of travellers and enable border control officers to concentrate on passengers of interest.” In other words, this new system will benefit travellers while meeting the national security challenges.
Via The Guardian:

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