Local Acts To Check Out This Weekend

Posted on 02 Maret 2017

Local Acts To Check Out This Weekend

Music lovers rejoice, there is something exciting to do this weekend because the 13th edition of Java Jazz Festival is taking place. There are way too many music legends to list, but here are some of our favorites.

A Fine Tuning Creation
A Fine Tuning Creation is a solo project by Aryo Adhianto whose incredible performance we wrote awhile back. While some may have known him from the electronic ensemble Space System, this keyboardist continues to explore music with no boundaries. 

Bara Suara (feat. Ron King Horn Section) 
A strong troupe in the indie music scene, Bara Suara is known for their powerful kick in music. Bara Suara’s aspires to be truly Indonesian by writing the lyrics only in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Endah & Resa (feat. Duadrum)
This beloved singer-songwriter couple never fails to charm their listeners with super catchy songs. Their collaboration with Duadrum can be expected to bring an interesting twist. 

SimakDialog’s is a blissful marriage between Jazz and eastern influence incorporating rich harmonies from Sundanese roots and Middle Eastern amongst many others. With more than two decades of experience in music, these seasoned musicians are not to be missed. 

Yamaha Music Project Presents Glenn Fredly, Yura Yunita, Tulus, Armand Maulana, Saykoji
The line up says it all. Presenting an ensemble of Indonesia’s finest musicians, you can expect nothing less than astonishment. 

90’s Hip Hop All Star (Iwa K - Neo - Sweet Martabak)
Everyone who grew up in the 90’s most likely have danced to hip hop hits such as “Bebas” and “Borju”. We don’t know what surprise will they present at Java Jazz, but we sure hope that memories from the 90’s is a part of of it. 

PHOTO BY JUNI RECORDS (https://www.junirecords.com)

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