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Staff Picks: Iksan & Dio

Posted on 24 November 2016


Name: Iksan & Dio
Position: Supervisors at The GOODS Dept PIK Avenue

Get to know THE GOODS DEPT• PIK Avenue Store Supervisors and their favorite items!

When did you join to THE GOODS DEPT•?

Dio : Since December 22, 2015 I started as a Sales Associate at The Goods Dept• Plaza Indonesia then I was transferred to The Goods Dept• Pim 2 all the way till November 2016 before being promoted as a Supervisor at The Goods Dept• PIK Avenue.

Iksan : In September 2016

What’s your impression about THE GOODS DEPT•?

Dio : Before I joined The Goods Dept, i had no idea about fashion and streetwear. Working here gave me the opportunity to learn about it from my friends, books and lifestyle magazines. How to mix and match the streetwear style and handle the customers, I also made more friends from The Goods Dept•.

Iksan : It feels homy. Also i think the brands in The Goods Dept• is so cool and it connects with me and every fashion brand at our store is perfect for teenagers and urban people in Indonesia.

What’s your hope for the future of THE GOODS DEPT•?

Dio : I am hoping The Goods Dept• will go international. Because we can bring our local pride with the local brand to the international market and I want The Goods Dept to continue to educate and introduce another world of Fashion to other people. Just like how it impact me, someone who doesn’t know about fashion can learn how fun it actually is.

Iksan : I am hoping The GOODS Dept will get bigger and to have more brands. I Also hope for the Goods Dept• to go international in the next few years.

What is/are your favorite brand/s at THE GOODS DEPT•?

Dio : Bluesville, Public Culture, Locale, adidas, Nike, Timex, All March, Akaime & Mommo company.

Iksan : Public Culture, Locale, Deus ex Machina, Nike & Jansport

Can you tell us about your daily style?

Dio : I prefer wearing streetwear for work and daily outfits, all the outfits I have picked pretty much describes my everyday style.

Iksan : I prefer to wear casual style for work and daily outfit. Because i feel like it merge perfectly with The Goods Dept• image


Dio’s Favorite Picks:

- Outerwear QUTN Zip Up Jacket: IDR 419.000

- ALL MARCH Patch Pocket Chinos: IDR 449.000

- Adidas Stan Smith Original: IDR 1.449.000

- Public Culture Popsycho Tees: IDR199.000


Iksan’s Favorite Picks:

- Locale Patch Hat: IDR 229.000

- Public Culture Bon Voyage Tees: IDR 199.000

- Nike Air Force One: IDR 1.379.000

- Jansport GOODS Collaboration: IDR 1.199.000

- Pot Meets Pop Denim Thaistick Slim Tappered: IDR 550.000

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently