Menu Nusantara at The GOODS Cafe

Posted on 23 Agustus 2017

The GOODS Cafe is cooking up something special this month. Known for their international comfort food, The GOODS Cafe introduced Menu Nusantara, a selection of delectable dishes from Indonesian Archipelago. Made from high quality ingredients and cooked to perfection, these six dishes are not too be missed. Forming the ensemble are Balinese Chicken Salad, Brenebon Soup, Rawon Brisket, Chicken Woku-Woku, Javanese Lamb Curry, and Nasi Goreng Brisket.

For a light yet filling meal, Balinese Chicken Salad is the perfect choice. Loaded with pulled chicken breast and vegetables, seasoned with sambal terasi and raw spices, this authentic dish is totally guilt-free. The GOODS Cafe’s rendition of Brenebon Soup is as hearty as Manadonese Brenebon Soup, but presented in a way that has never been done before. Served in a deconstructed form, mashed kidney beans topped with whole kidney beans, and broth on the side. Also originated from North Sulawesi is Chicken Woku-Woku; chicken thighs with rich spice seasoning served with rice, offers a taste of comfort home-cooking.

Moving on to Java, Javanese Lamb Curry is inspired by Tengkleng, a soup dish from Solo. This dish offers a twist of fusion and a hint of coconut milk. Next on the menu is Rawon Brisket, a modernized version of the East Javanese dish. Tender braised brisket is served on top of rice with broth on the side, a truly hearty and warming meal. Finally, Indonesian favorite Nasi Goreng is upgraded with pulled brisket. Straightforward and delicious, Nasi Goreng Brisket is served with emping crumble.

As an F&B brand that caters to Jakarta urbanites who enjoy culinary and healthy lifestyle, all dishes by The GOODS Cafe are thoughtfully prepared and free of MSG. Menu Nusantara is available at all The GOODS Cafe outlets; Street Gallery PIM, Lippo Mall Kemang Village, Lippo Mall Puri, Lotte Shopping Avenue,  Mall Kelapa Gading, and PIK Avenue and also The GOODS Diner.

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