Hanging out with the people of The GOODS Dept

Posted on 01 Juni 2017

Not too long ago, we gathered some of GOODS people from The GOODS Dept outlets. You might have seen them around the store. This time, we invited Echa and Dipta from Lotte, Kevin and Lizzie from Kemvil, Steven from PI, Christel from PIM, and Omon from PP to chat about the latest GOODS Merch.

They all agreed that compared to before, GOODS Merch designs have become more daring and fun. Christel added that some t-shirts like “Share Your Wifi” and “Cannot Adult Today” are some of the most popular products amongst the millennials. That is no surprise, since the t-shirts were designed with today’s youth in mind. These GOODS people especially like how the phone casings are printed with graphics that a lot people find relatable. GOODS Merch is still expanding, but these GOODS people wanted the same thing; more variety of products such as cap and beanie, and more playful design.

When asked about their favorite items, most of them voted from the Camo T-shirt. Lizzie however, really liked the optical wave t-shirt and the pink “Cap Cobra” t-shirt. She thought that pink t-shirts are cool when worn by guys.  


These t-shirts are perfect for every casual occasions, especially to go out on the weekend. Christel suggested to pair the graphic t-shirt with jeans and jacket, either denim or leather. Some of the guys agreed that wearing a long sleeve layered with an oversized tee is their to-go style, completed with sneakers.

It was a day well spent with them. They were fun and all about positive vibes. They seemed to enjoy their jobs, working environment, and the people they work with. One of them mentioned that The GOODS Dept is like his second family because everyone is close with each other. They always have fun when they come to work because to them, it feels like home.


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