GOODS XMas Characters

Posted on 12 Desember 2017

This holiday season, The GOODS Dept has come up with a fun way to celebrate the festivities. Three huggable, totally relatable characters have arrived to our stores and soon, you will be able to bring them home. Let’s get to know them.

First up is Rain Dear. He is the epitome of conscious millennial generation. Rain Dear is very particular in his taste, he's into handcrafted goods and specialty coffee. He has a nonchalant attitude, but deep down, he's thoughtful. All that deep thinking, coupled with the handlebar mustache he's rocking makes him look older than he actually is. December for him is dark Scandinavian winter, which became his inspiration for this month's playlist.

Mr. Jolly is the avid Christmas lover in all of us. He’s always joyful, always trying to cheer everybody up and always in the Christmas spirit no matter which season it is. A huge grin frames his face at all times, for no other reason that he always seems to be in a jolly mood. Well, fitting to his name. He loves thinking about what Christmas gifts everyone should gets. His role model is Santa Claus.

Madam Snow is high maintenance and has a penchant for melodrama. What different about her is that she’s willing to admit it. She is skeptical about today's generation and that makes her appear to be cynical. Always complaining about how the hot weather is melting her (she is a snow-woman after all), but secretly gentle and very caring for her loved ones but too headstrong to show it.

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