A Morning with Sancaya Rini of Kana Goods

Posted on 16 Februari 2017

A Morning with Sancaya Rini of Kana Goods

The art of Batik has been an Indonesian heritage for hundreds of years. The traditional practice of making batik has unfortunately switched to the use of chemical dye. Kana Goods however, stays true to the root by using natural dye. We had the opportunity to interview Ibu Sancaya Rini, the founder of Kana Goods at their manufacturing facility in Pamulang.
1. How did Kana Goods come to be?
My journey in the retail world have since begun in 2007, when I first made batik for older women. Inspired by my son’s menswear Bluesville and a nudge by Leo Theosabrata from Indoestri, I started Kana Goods in 2014, focusing on indigo themed batik for young women, with Slow Fashion approach.
2. Where did you learn how to make batik?
I learned the basic of batik making at the Textile Museum. At that time, we used chemical colouring that could be harmful for the environment and the artisans. Kana Goods is committed to use natural dye. 
3. Could you tell us the process of making Kana Goods products?
The process is done entirely by hand. The natural fabric is first decorated with the pattern using a pencil, which then will be stamped with wax, a process called Canting. Then, the fabric is dipped and dried repeatedly over the course of a few days. Achieving the desired indigo color takes at least 4 days. To get rid of the wax, the fabric is boiled in boiling water, uncovering the white pattern.

4. How do you obtain the indigo colour?
Kana Goods’s indigo color is obtained from a plant called Indigofera. The leaves are fermented to become a paste, then mixed with water in which the natural fabric is dipped in. The fabric used must be made of entirely natural material for the color to be absorbed.

5. And what about the design?
I designed the pattern with my son but for the clothing, I designed it by myself.
6. What are your future plans for Kana Goods?
I wish for more young people to love batik. I’m not getting any younger and Indonesian youth should start participating. I’ve held workshops before and the participants were enthusiastic, I’d like to do more of those.

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