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Posted on 27 Juli 2016

Trias Arfa was born in 1989 in Jakarta. He studied Taxation at University of Indonesia. After he got the bachelor degree in 2010, Trias started to work at retail concept store in Panglima Polim. As a buyer and accounting, he finds retail industry growing very rapidly. With the passion for retail business, he moved to The GOODS Dept as an Buyer’s Men Department since 2013 until now.

Instagram: @triasarfa


  1. 1. All March Two Tone Vertical Sweatshirt
  2. 2. Jan Sober Black Kimono Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. 3. Arm Socks Keith Harring Black and White Mural Sub
  4. 4. Komono Riviera Black Rubber Red Micro
  5. 5. Nike Air Huarache Run
  6. 6. Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade
  7. 7. AARK Eon Silver Watch
  8. 8. Pot Meets Pop Cargo Pants Cotton Twill

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