Nina Nikicio's Favorite Picks

Posted on 27 Juli 2016

Nina Nikicio was born in 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She studied Fashion Design at Lasalle College Of The Arts in Singapore and earned Diploma in 2005. She then continued her study in Fashion Business at Lasalle International College in Jakarta and earned another Diploma in 2009. During her study in Jakarta, Nina launched her own label Nikicio in 2007.

Her work is based on her beliefs that every clothes has to last more than a single season. A clothes has to be treated as an investment and able to tell a story. She conceives pieces that will outlast trends, personal, wearable yet practical with a perfect dose of whim and humor. This is most apparent in every collection of Nikicio, where classic cuts with high end constructions are happily substantial.

Instagram: @ninanikicio


  1. 1. NIKE WMNS Air Presto
  2. 2. Doxology Doxosling Bag
  3. 3. Nixon Time Teller Black/White Fade
  4. 4. Blackheart Ayana Dress
  5. 5. Clementine Lou Pouch Bon Voyage
  6. 6. Jewel Rock Line Love B
  7. 7. Future 10 Multi Propose Tote Bag
  8. 8. Goods Jewelry Cube Earrings

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