Mischa Sitompul Favorite Picks

Posted on 27 Juli 2016

As a product developer in Goods Dept., Mischa finds the world as her oyster. Mischa finds beauty in unusual objects and describes traveling as well as going to museums as her hobbies. Mischa’s eccentricity can be seen on how she dresses based on the color and mood of the dream she had the night before. The exotic collection from the Egyptian, Roman and Chinese section of MET Museum also tickles her fancy. She also picks up inspiration and lessons from the conversation she has with strangers in which she tends to find rather intriguing.


  1. 1. Blackheart Cian Top
  2. 2. Proklamasi No. 78 Wide kg pants
  3. 3. TGD cross ring
  4. 4. TGD tote bag black
  5. 5. AARK Ride Gold Watch
  6. 6. Komono Vivien Clear
  7. 7. MKS, Gilda dark silver
  8. 8. Klar square earring

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