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Posted on 27 Juli 2016

Imam Zulkarnain was borned in 1995 in Jakarta. He studied accounting at STEI Rawamangun. During his study, Imam worked at The GOODS Dept since 2013 as an internship. And now, he became as an admin for The GOODS Dept Webstore since last year. He also joined at many organization like MADA Scooter and Fix Gear community.

Instagram: @imamzulkarnainn


  1. 1. Cool Caps C Logo Baseball Caps
  2. 2. Aye Denim Batavia T-Shirt
  3. 3. Pot Meets Pop Kush Navy Coach Jacket
  4. 4. Pot Meets Pop Super Thaistick Jeans
  5. 5. Nike Air Force 1 Full Black
  6. 6. Nike Air Huarache
  7. 7. Hypergrand Bigsby Watch
  8. 8. Pattent Goods Kevlar

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