Bonnie Triaryo Bimo's Favorite Picks

Posted on 05 Desember 2016

Meet Bonnie Triaryo Bimo, the Head Merchandiser of The GOODS Dept. Bonnie has been part of The GOODS Dept team since 2013 and he enjoys ensuring products to appear in the right store, or on a website, at the appropriate time and in the correct quantities. 

Bonnie has a passion in streetwear fashion and sneakers. He also loves to spend his free time at the beach.

Check out Bonnie's favorite picks:


  1. 1. GOODS LAB X MAGAFAKA Cyber Underwear - IDR 399,000
  2. 2. AYE DENIM X GOODS A 600 DS - IDR 1,050,000
  3. 3. ADIDAS Goods Lab X Manabu - IDR 2,299,000
  4. 4. SAYA LEATHERWORKS Fury- IDR 2,811,000
  5. 5. NIXON Corporal SS Black Stamped - IDR 3,380,000
  6. 6. COOL CAPS The Qreator - IDR 240,000
  7. 7. ARS SOCKS Basquiat (3 pack crews) - IDR 399,000


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