Anton Wirjono's Favorite Picks

Posted on 27 Juli 2016

The brain behind Brightspot Market and The Goods Dept., DJ and entrepreneur Anton Wirjono may have a lot on his hands but that doesn’t stop him from curating the best music, food, art and fashion for Jakarta’s youth. Started as a DJ that flourished to the creation of Future 10, he moved forward by combining his business venture along with passion for retail business that eventually grew and created a gateway for local designers to have a maximum exposure.

Instagram: @antonwirjono


  1. 1. Jan Sober Kimono
  2. 2. Orbitkey
  3. 3. Nike Air Huarache
  4. 4. Scissor Paper Rock – Helmet Bag
  5. 5. All March-Patch pocket
  6. 6. Future10 Multipurpose
  7. 7. OWND Gorkhas Shoes
  8. 8. Cool Caps Classic Camp

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