The Untold Story Of City Bandits

Posted on 17 Maret 2017

The Untold Story Of City Bandits

The GOODS Dept· Pacific Place recently hosted the launching party of Untold’s new collection, “City Bandits.” We had the pleasure to hangout with Yung, the bad-ass yet friendly mastermind behind Untold.

Tell us about yourself?
Hi, my name is Yung. I’m in charge of everything, from styles to collections. We have a factory that carried several brands, but Untold is my special baby.

And why is that?
The factory was struggling and I was at the lowest of my life. I told myself to get up, I had to, because we shouldn’t stay at the bottom for too long. So in September 2015, Untold was born. It has helped us get back on our feet ever since. Untold is my baby, I love Untold.

What is the concept behind Untold?
Smart casual streetwear with Japanese cut. Untold is a reflection of me, it’s my blood. Untold represented individuals who doesn’t need to brag about their accomplishment. We’d rather work hard and see result in the end. Our tagline “Shhh…” explained how we’d rather not talk about our brand too much, yet the next thing you know, we’re there, out and about.

Tell us about City Bandits?
I grew up in the streets. I guess you could say that I was unruly. But I wanted to prove that a troublemaker could become a successful person too. So I worked really hard to make  it happen. Untold embodies those who live by their own code to achieve greatness. That’s why this collection is named City Bandits.

What is your future plan for Untold?
We are actually planning to open a stand-alone store, but this is still on the planning phase. We do hope it’ll happen soon though.

What’s your advice to those who are struggling out there?
When you’re at the lowest point in your life, don’t give up. Get up and fight, keep grinding. Don’t judge people from their past and background because you never know that someday that person might become successful.

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