Take A Stroll in Ensemble’s Midnight Garden

Posted on 01 Juni 2017

Women empowerment is the core of Ensemble. Bonnie and Diva are the two passionate sisters behind this label known for their stunning hand drawn prints. GOODSzine had the pleasure to hang out with them and chatted about their exclusive collection for The GOODS Dept, Midnight Garden.

Why did you choose to name your label Ensemble?
Bonnie: The meaning of the word itself is a unity or a harmony. We want one collection to connect with another, hence Ensemble.

How did Ensemble come to be?
Bonnie: I began Ensemble in early 2011. The early collections emphasized on small details. Somewhere along the way in 2013, Diva started to draw for Ensemble. Now prints have become our unique selling points. We wanted every prints have a story.
Diva: We both love nature so some of our prints were inspired by it. Nature is special, there’s a certain colour and texture to it. Because there is a story behind each prints, we wanted people to take the time to observe it, beyond purchasing for aesthetic reasons.

What is the story behind Midnight Garden?
Bonnie: The prints on this collection are of nocturnal flowers like casablanca lily, primrose, and tuberose. We find it interesting how a few of the most beautiful flowers in the world blooms only at night. It’s a metaphor that Diva and I agreed on. Not every woman has to be under the spotlight. Every woman can shine in their own ways. You don’t all have to be an instagram celebrity.
Diva: We love nature, so most of our prints are inspired by it. Nature has its own texture and color so I really enjoy drawing it.

Tell us the making process of your collections.
Bonnie: I trust Diva with the prints. I always let her do whatever she wants.
Diva: I like to play with my drawings, so each style have different prints, let’s say, kimono and scarf would have different patterns.
Bonnie: After drawing the pattern, we would start making our own samples. From there, it usually took 2 months to develop the collection. Diva is a perfectionist so she always checked the result of every production.
Diva: I’m an acute perfectionist, especially when it comes to printing. I have to make sure that the color comes out nicely. If not, I’d ask for a reprint.

If Ensemble was a person, how would she be?
Bonnie: She would be someone who is self-confident, regardless of her body shape. Once a woman is comfortable of herself, it would shine from the way she presented herself and the way she treated others. She would be a resilient woman, someone who wanted more than just looking cool.

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