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Slow Fashion with Wilsen Willim

Posted on 30 Maret 2017

1. How did your brand start?  

I participated in a competition last year in May. I invited The GOODS Dept and when I won, the demand started to grow. So, winning the competition gave birth to the brand.


2. What inspired your designs?

For me, a good design is a design that many people can relate to, and I always try to relate my story to my customers. For example, I produced a design of white shirt that was inspired by school uniform. I grew up wearing a uniform so it had become a significant part of my everyday life. I added playful and fun details like origami because as I grow older, I wanted to go back to being younger. The origamis are the manifestation of my childhood memories because it was one of the things I really liked doing. I’m sure a lot of people could relate to that.


3. You created several articles specially for Rabble Rouser fashion show. What makes them different from usual pieces?

Everybody marked me as a simple person and my designs are usually very simple. Making the special pieces for Rabble Rouser brought me out of my comfort zone, but I also find it exciting. I used sequins and embroidery. The problem with my collection is usually the limited quantity of materials, that’s why I relied on cotton. Since I only have to make one piece of each styles for this fashion show, I could really express myself. I could be as crazy, as creative as I wanted because this project is all about experimenting. I hardly have the privilege to do this all the time and I’m glad that I was given the opportunity.


4. What’s your inspiration for Rabble Rouser?

My design is usually very “clean”,  but this time I’m revealing a little more about myself. There’s a point in my life where I enjoyed 80’s and 90’s rock bands like Blondie. I loved the rebellious, eccentric look but very wearable at the same time. That was what inspired me for this special collection.


5. Would this experiment affect your future collections?

I do want to expose myself to more designs, but the transition will be slow. I actually do have a plan for my next season that’s going to involve embroidery and other fabric manipulation.


6. If you were to be stranded on an desert island, which piece would you wear?

That would be my cape dress, because there’s so much volume in it that can be a blanket.


7. In the process of making a collection, which step do you like most?

I always work on deadlines. The most exciting part is the hectic times when me and my team are trying to meet the deadlines. We wouldn’t be able get some sleep, so we put on loud music and joke with each other to stay awake. That’s when the whole team becomes a family.


8. What do you think of the growth of the fashion industry in Jakarta?

The progress is leaning toward fast fashion. Nowadays things are categorized into price, it’s all about price now, no longer about quality or design. The best way to change people’s way of thinking about fashion is through those who make the purchase decision. If people prefer to buy from retail giant, the local fashion scene would decline. That’s why it’s important to support young designers so that they and the local fashion industry can grow.

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301 Moved Permanently

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