From Haillet to Stan Smith

Posted on 02 Mei 2017

Adidas Stan Smith was inaugurated as a tennis shoes style in 1963. It first appeared as the “Halliet”, after the French tennis player Robert Haillet. But after he retired having never won a grand slam event, Adidas made the decision to sponsor Stan Smith who was the biggest name in tennis at the time. For a while, the shoe was named after both players, with Smith’s portrait on the tongue and Halliet’s name written across the sole from 1973 to 1978.

Adidas Stan Smith rose as one of the brand’s most coveted style by 1971. Today, Adidas Stan Smith is no longer recognised as a tennis shoe but instead has become a staple icon in the fashion industry. Stan Smith had successfully penetrated different subcultures, connecting generations and races. The key to Stan Smith’s success lies within its simplicity and elegant design, staying true to its strength despite of the increasingly extravagant designs from competitors.

“The full leather construction has remained throughout the years, keeping its minimalist colour scheme too- which is contrasted only by the cushioned Achilles heel protection tab- classically a green patch on the white body. The Stan Smith silhouette still appears on the tongue along with the air vent style holes on the side panels which used to act as a technological aid for wearers playing sports. The introduction of suede instead of leather and a whole collection of “artistic” colour schemes are the main advancements down the years, but the shape and style of the shoe itself has remained as a recognition of its wide reaching admiration.” wrote Robert Charlton in 2014.

Adidas Stan Smith earned a spot at the Guinness Book World of Records for selling over 23 million pairs by 1988. The legendary status got the style going to high fashion brand name like Raf Simons and 10 special edition pairs hand-painted by Pharrell Williams. The shoe have also appeared on the cover of Vogue in 2013 where Gisele Bündchen posed nude wearing only Stan Smith. Daniel So suggested that “the celebrity appeal and its luxury association with fashion designers have given the Stan Smith plenty of stock with people of all ages and incomes.” Therefore, Stan Smith resonated with many subcultures, connecting people from different backgrounds.

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