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An Afternoon with Shopatvelvet

Posted on 15 Juni 2017

Established in 2011, Shopatvelvet was born from the spouses slash partners, Yessi and Randy’s, thirst for thoughtfully composed collection. Therefore, they started producing wearable apparels to be the daily staples for modern women. The brand has since developed a distinctive aesthetic that confidently exudes simplicity and modernity. GOODSzine had the pleasure to chat with them about Shopatvelvet.


How did it start?
Yessi: We first started by curating clothes, seven years ago. However, we had problems with shipping and quality control. We wanted to cater to active women who needed different styles daily, let it be working or studying.

Randy: In the beginning, we outsourced everything. The clothes were produced from overseas, but then we found it difficult to manage the quality. So we eventually found a great production team that we were able to in developing the brand. Yessi and I did not have background in fashion, we were architects. That’s why our initial intention was to compose, not to design. But eventually composing and designing were merged into one.


What’s the concept behind Shopatvelvet?

Randy: Shopatvelvet is understatement presented in a poetically romantic way. We’re not a big fan of things that are too polished or too pretty. We appreciate imperfection and that reflects on our campaign. So we avoid the idea of perfection based on the market’s standard. Every individual is perfectly imperfect but we all try to reach perfection. That being said, we hope Shopatvelvet could be well-received  by everyone.


What’s the story of your brand?

Randy: The brand story is understatement but the purpose is self-expression. The price is affordable because we don’t want people to think too much or worry about budget when they want to express themselves. If they like it, they can just get it. The moment of self expression is important to feel fulfilled. And some people haven’t tried it because it’s still in their mindset that fashion can’t be a fulfilling self expression.


Tell us the process of your design.

Yessi: We would start with moodboard for one year theme, research print for one collection, then have each formula ready so we already know what is needed from each collection. Then from the colour, we determine the shapes and silhouettes. We like monochrome and neutral colors.

Randy: We always try to see every collection as whole, to see how is the composition. That’s why from the beginning we liked to compose. We love thinking about product details and we prefer to style on our own because we like to see the composition.


What is the future plans for Shopatvelvet?

Yessi: We would like to explore accessories because we’d like to cater to what our consumer need. We’re currently developing shoes and bags.

Randy: But we don’t want to have them just by simply being there, we want to have it aligned with our collection. Our vision is to create a well designed experience, to help people feel inspired and fulfilled. If the opportunity arises, we would like design our own physical store.

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently