The GOODS Dept Presents: Transit in Analog for JFW 2018

Posted on 23 Oktober 2017

The GOODS Dept• proudly presents “Transit in Analog”, a fashion presentation for Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 in honor of receiving the Pia Alisjahbana Award. The theme is an interpretation of the transition phase between the present and the near future, where everything becomes automated. It is predicted that algorithm and technology will be the future in Fashion Industry, with the potential to alter the way we purchase, wear and design clothes entirely. Before we operate entirely by technology, The GOODS Dept• would like to present a time where technology is operated by the people.

Transit in Analog showcased eclectic styles featuring experimentation with denim and consistent layering that resulted in a coherent lookbook that is out of the box but still wearable. The looks were heavily inspired by music cultures such as rockabilly, hippie, and disco. Local womens denim label VERV was elected as the highlight of this fashion presentation, collaborating with other distinctive local designers such as; Aesthetic Pleasure, Lick Studio, Motemote, Nikicio, UGLY, Alexalexa, Public Culture, Dibba, and House of Jealouxy. The GOODS Dept• also collaborated with renowned stylist Ajeng Svastiari who styled the looks.

“We attempted to transform the energy of those nostalgic feelings, mood, and vibes from those days [transit in analog] when everything was simpler yet powerful in visuals. We divided the styling into 3 memorable eras in fashion with brands which represent The GOODS Dept•, combined with statement denims from VERV. Nevertheless, we are also bringing back the strength of local brands and include them into the theme.” said stylist Ajeng Svastiari.

The lively stage of this fashion presentation was be complemented with visuals by Isha Hening, along with music by Ojon Kusuma and DJ Hogi.

Photos by Prayogo
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