Meet & Greet with Ron English

Posted on 15 Mei 2017

Ron English, one of the most important pop artists in the world today, recognized as one of the leaders of the "Low Brow Art Movement", is touring Asia with highly anticipated stops in Seoul, Manila, Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong Kong along with his first exhibit and pop-up shop to Jakarta. The solo exhibition features the artist's signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones. English creates a visual language of evolution with work that speaks to the future as surely as it records, distorts, reviles and reveres the past.

English is best-known for his brazen style which fuses Street Art with Pop Surrealism. He has produced 7 art books, more than 50 designer toys and sabotaged more than a thousand billboard ads, yet has been arrested only once. One subversion, "Jihad Is Over (If You Want It)," with no apologies to John Lennon, was written up in the New York Times, attributed to an anonymous artist. Fusing art and activism, with a healthy disdain for corporate advertising, his art was also utilized in the feature film Supersize Me, in which he also appeared. The exhibition "East Meets West" brings his signature "Western" character McSupersized Me to the Far East and the streets of Jakarta. 

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