GENERATION-G x Public Culture “The Collaboration Exhibition”

Posted on 19 Oktober 2017

The GOODS Dept Presents: GENERATION-G x Public Culture “The Collaboration Exhibition”.

Following GENERATION-G main purpose to be a medium and hub to the youngsters who loves to explore and creative, especially in fashion, GENERATION-G is now collaborating with Public Culture, after previous collaboration with MORAL. Both shares the mutual vision that today’s young generation is all about innovation and expressing their passion, which translated into a Special Collection by Public Culture. The collection was designed based on the shared vision of having the freedom to express things. This vision is translated through series of neat graphics and catchy punch line. The main message of the collection is to do what you love to do and express your love any way you want.

The collection was launched in the form of an art exhibition at The GOODS Dept• PIK Avenue on Saturday, October 14th 2017. Check out the event photos below.


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