Tough Romance Exhibition by Natisa Jones

Posted on 10 Februari 2017


Tough Romance Exhibition by Natisa Jones

Natisa Jones was born in Jakarta and grew up in Bali. A graduate from RMIT with a degree in Fine Art, her inspiration comes from the relationship between Human Experience and Creative Process. She documents personal monologues thorough painting and uses it as an instrument to connect and propel interaction with the Self.

Natisa’s art explored her childhood memories. The leading painting Tough Romance, is stemmed from Natisa’s realisation that idealism is often hindered by external factors, hence “There is no utopia.”


Her art pieces are her heart pour, like a journal in a form of paintings. Although she was reluctant to expose her “journal” at first, the painting “The World or Nothing”, one with the bold colour of red, marked her assurance that you either give it all or nothing, “Le monde ou rien”, as she scribbled.   


Another interesting piece of hers titled “All The Girls” channelled her frustration when she was labelled as a “female artist” because a male artist would only be referred to as an artist. Diverting from her usual figures of ambiguous gender, she expressed her feelings by highlighting physical feminine features.


Tough Romance was her largest solo exhibition to date that ended on January 22th.

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