The Art of Fleeting The Nest

Posted on 05 Juni 2017

In his exhibition dubbed as Shukke, Douglas Diaz explores his life and pours it into paper and canvas using graphite as the media. His work explores questions about his humanity and the preconception that he faced. In his own way, he embraces his fears and darkness that lie deep within the subconscious as an effort to achieve balance.

In Japanese, Shukke means “to leave home.” According to the American artist, there are five phases to Shukke; a period of conflict, a time for departure, the familiarity of not knowing where home is, acceptance to life as a journey, and embracing the predictable the unpredictable future. This exhibition showcases three years worth of work. The first three phases were done in isolation in his studio in Nara, Japan, and the last two in Bangkok.

Using the humble tool graphite pencil, each strokes breathes life to the canvas, revealing the passion and emotion that were felt by Diaz. The feeling of being in-between is strongly felt in the painting “Neither Here Nor There”. The abundance of white space that filled the 3 canvases emulates a feeling of voidness where one hovers between here and there, fitting to the title. Although his works may be considered visually abstract, the theme is universal and close to humanity, that the artworks were able to evoke the viewer’s emotion.

Shukke is exhibited at Art:1 until July 2, 2017.

Photos by Prayogo Yeodo

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