Shapes Throughout Time At Galeri Nasional

Posted on 04 Mei 2017

Galeri Nasional is hosting Wimba Kala, an exhibition based on pre-historic rock art found in Indonesian caves. The title chosen represented what the exhibition has to offer; Wimba means shape and Kala means time. Eight installations depicting the journey of time are exhibited at Building A until May 15, 2017.

The artists were taken on a quick expedition to Cave Muna in Southeast Sulawesi and Cave Maros in South Sulawesi. The diversity of the rock art was the reason why these two locations were chosen. This expedition is deemed important in translating the rock art into the artists’ own works as it offered a first hand account of witnessing the pre-historical remainder with their own eyes.

Stencil is the most ancient technique in art, which is used in the “Luncheon” by Farhan Siki. His work depicts hunting for primeval human survival. However, there is a detail on his mural of a flock of hands raising a rectangular object. Farhan asserted that it means if humans desire something, they must offer something in return.

Each artists have their own interpretation of what they witnessed in the exhibition and each of them are translated remarkably into eight distinct works. The primeval rock art that they witnessed were translated into installations, video art, photography, mural, and painting. The artworks are displayed at Galeri Nasional Building A from April 28 until May 15, 2017.


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