Rest Area: Observing Indonesia’s Current Shape Through Art

Posted on 11 Maret 2017

Rest Area: Observing Indonesia’s Current Shape Through Art

This week, Galeri Nasional opened the third Pameran Seni Nusantara 2017, a biennale event that showcases the creativity of visual artists from all over Indonesia. This ‘open submission’ exhibition featured 100 works by Indonesian artists from Aceh Darussalam to Papua, curated by Suwarno Wisetrotomo and Sudjud Dartanto. This year’s theme, “Rest Area - Perupa Membaca Indonesia”, aimed to examine Indonesia’s current social, political, cultural and economic issues from each artist’s domicile. One of the curators, Bapak Suwarno expressed his wish to provide space and exposure for new artists through this exhibition. Out of 1000 submissions, only 100 were chosen to be displayed at Galeri Nasional from 7-27 March 2017. An array of art pieces in the form of painting, sculpture, graphic art, photography, drawing, objects, installations, video art, batik and ceramic are displayed with one thing shared in common; to mirror the reality in Indonesia.

Bapak Suwarno asserted that the theme attempted to assess whether visual art still functions as a witness to an era, have the capability to be thought-provoking and exude the mystery to fuel the audience's’ imagination. “A work of art can be seen as an account of milieux or an era with the basis as follow; first, an artwork was born from the artist’s intent and thoughts, second, the works in this exhibition can be a statement as well as a question to objectivity, and third, these works can be read as a narrative which bridges one artwork's unique experiences with the next”, added Bapak Sudjud.

Jago Bantal manifested from Bob Nawir’s contemplation in the disorder that occurred in Indonesia. The lack of readiness to change resulted in tensions amongst each other. In the midst of the chaos, the pillow is reminder to rest after a long day of facing our problems with a light heart. The rooster signified a new morning, another day to continue our existences in the mortal world. Although the two symbols possessed different meanings, they exist in harmony, like Yin-Yang.

Ancient by Dyah Retno Fitriani’s rooted from her disappointment how people would accidentally step on corals while taking pictures for social media fame. Furthermore, the overfishing of sea urchin lead to rareness of this species. This led to the reduce of Indonesia’s diversity. She asserted all of these problems are ancient. In order to move forward, we should alter our mindsets and accept diversity.

Dwi Putro Mulyono Jati suffers from schizophrenia. His condition has led to hearing and communication difficulties. He has received an award from Museum Rekor Indonesia for painting 4 days straight without sleep. His work depicted 100 paintings of Kartini. Painting has helped him in dealing with his deteriorating mental health.

Check out more of our favorite works below.

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