Looking Into The Future at Exi(s)t 2017

Posted on 19 Mei 2017

No one knows what lies ahead in the future, one can only imagine. In “Tomorrow As We Know It”, fifteen young artists presented thought-provoking works as narratives to their view of the future. Returning on its fifth year, Exi(s)t 2017 is a platform for young Indonesian artists to enhance their potential; where critical dialogues between the participants, mentor, and curator is the main process. With future as the main theme, the works from 15 artists are categorized into four concepts: Reflective Perspective, Science Fiction, Today Represents Tomorrow, and Learning from History.

In Reflective Perspective, the artists created their works based on self-reflections paired with human perception. In her performance act, Ratu Saraswati attempts to translate burden, self-punishment, and hopelessness that rooted from committing a sin. Through her work, she expresses her hopes to free herself from the cycle, and move on to the next phase in life.

In Science Fiction, Edita Atmadja explores the variety of plants that took over an abandoned place that was meaningful for her. She became intrigued with the vegetation and identified each plants that she found there. She believes that there is a cross identity between the place and the plants. Where a place is abandoned, there will also be new life forms to take over.

One of the most thought provoking installation in Today Represents Tomorrow category is presented by Wangsit Firmantika, highlighting gender issues. He came into terms as a pangender and rejects gender binary. His interactive installation invites visitors to fully experience his "bedroom", to get a glimpse of being a pangender.

In Learning from History, Monica Hapsari, a member of local music act Pandai Besi, questions how the end of days are often seen as a catalyst for harmony. Her kinetic art installation is inspired by the state of equilibrium.

An array of art form from drawing, video art, kinetic art, and installation are showcased in Building B and D of Galeri Nasional until June 5, 2017.


Photos by Prayogo Yoedo


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