Down With The Grief and Into The Rabbit Hole

Posted on 12 April 2017

Down Down Down The Rabbit Hole is the fourth solo exhibition by Bandung based artist Cinanti Astria Johansjah, or better known as Keni, with grief as the theme. Curator Roy Voragen created a poetry booklet to complement the exhibition, a rather despondent tale about a character named K. According to Roy, Keni is experiencing two phases of grief in this exhibition; depression and something.

Keni’s work is painted full with in-betweenness. She considers the in-betweenness as an essential ‘adempauze’, a Dutch-Indonesian word signifying “an ephemeral respite, eerily frozen in time for a brief moment.” To simply put, breathing space. In the context of this show, ‘adempauze’ also refers to “the in-between lulls of grief coming and going in overwhelming waves.”

Keni’s signature watercolor on canvas are shown in this exhibition. Despite of the vibrant color palette, her technique convey the enveloping grief. Keni’s brush strokes deliver a sense of daintiness, a veil of vulnerability that obscures a resilient core. The use of animal in her paintings are “an allegory for self-othering when dealing with the loss of a significant other.” said Roy.

Down Down Down The Rabbit Hole is exhibited at ROH Projects until May 2, 1017.

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